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*NOTE: Louvers are NOT directional.

Our Louvers Install in Minutes!

View this video to see just how simple it is to install both our grilles and louvers and how to operate the louvers with the key provided.

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Our louver assemblies are designed to fit behind our grilles to control air flow and increase heating and cooling efficiency. Mounted independently of the grille, they are opened and closed with the provided key. In some cases, you may have to remove the grille to adjust louvers. Allow 2 5/16" clearance for louvers behind grille. Foam strips for installation included with each louver. Note: these louvers are designed to regulate the amount of airflow, not the direction of airflow.

Louver #Compatible withDuct Size
412Grille # 41210" x 2¼"
414Grille # 41412" x 2¼"
416Grille # 41614" x 2¼"
610Grille # 6108" x 4"
612Grille # 61210" x 4"
614Grille # 61412" x 4"
616Grille # 61614" x 4"
808Grille # 8086" x 6"
812Grille # 81210" x 6"
814Grille # 81412" x 6"
816Grille # 81614" x 6"
824Grille # 82422" x 6"
826Grille # 82624" x 6"
832Grille # 83230" x 6"
1010Grille # 10108" x 8"
1012Grille # 101210" x 8"
1014Grille # 101412" x 8"
1016Grille # 101614" x 8"
1122Grille # 112220" x 9"
1212Grille # 121210" x 10"
1214Grille # 121412" x 10"
1216Grille # 121614" x 10"
1414Grille # 141412" x 12"
1416Grille # 141614" x 12"
1426Grille # 142624" x 12"
1616Grille # 161614" x 14"
1620Grille # 162018" x 14"

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