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Custom Grilles, the Perfect Finishing Touch

January 30, 2018

All across the country, people are putting more effort into the look and feel of their homes than ever before. Inspired by movements like the Craftsman movement, by TV shows like Downton Abbey, or by the traditional décor of exotic cultures and locales, the cookie-cutter mass-produced houses of the past are giving way to homes that are carefully thought out, inside and out. Whether you’re touching up a single room to be the perfect place to receive guests or building or remodeling an entire house, the look and feel of a space matters. A home should be more than just a house, and a room should be more than just a white box. Custom grilles are the perfect finishing touch, and one that tends to get noticed.

Authenticity You Can Feel

The personality of a room is set by the grand sweeping gestures—the wall treatment, the floor covering, the furniture—and given depth by the stories told by each element of décor, each piece of artwork on the walls. The difference, though, between an otherwise nice room that feels a little shallow and fake and a room that feels authentic is in the details, the finishing touches; things like custom grilles and registers are what takes a room from “nicely decorated” to one that oozes character and charm.

Because you’re trying to create an authentic feel with your décor, it’s important that the elements you use to craft it exude an air of quality and authenticity themselves. That’s why our registers and grilles are made of solid cast metals like aluminum, cast iron, or brass, not just stamped sheet metal like the ones that come with most houses. They’re hand-crafted and hand-finished here in the USA, each one meticulously inspected for a perfect finish.

A Finishing Touch that Gets Noticed

It’s not that ordinary grilles and registers are going to pull eyes and curl lips, or that you’re likely to hear “Ugh, this room would be perfect, but those cheap sheet metal grilles just ruin it.” Indeed, if your registers are the standard fare, just stamped and painted sheet metal, chances are nobody will ever notice or comment. Instead, when the little things aren’t right, it tends to have a more subliminal effect, like when you walk into a hotel room and no matter how they try, it always manages to feel a little bit cheap and soulless.

Contrast that to walking into old statehouse where you can just feel the history, the quality, the way every little thing was meticulously hand-crafted to create a pervasive sense of perfection. When those details are right, it’s not just subliminal, because unlike in that fine old statehouse, in a friend or family member’s living room, details of quality and luxury like hand-crafted grilles are unexpected, and thus they definitely get noticed. “Oh wow, look at these registers…” is definitely something homeowners who install our products hear on a regular basis.

You can also go the other way if you prefer. We offer wood grilles, returns, and toe kick registers that blend in perfectly with a hardwood floor, baseboards, or other wood accents. Stocked in four species and available finished, or unfinished so you can stain to match your existing décor, we offer dozens of other types of wood for custom orders. This lets you create a look and feel for your registers that can either blend in seamlessly or stand out gloriously, whichever you choose.

An Easy and Affordable Upgrade

Unlike many home improvement projects that offer a similar degree of added luxury and style, registers and grilles are easy to replace. In many homes, especially those with floor registers, which tend to be the most efficient, they aren’t even screwed down. Replacing those is literally a matter of minutes, and a whole house can be done in an afternoon. If yours are screwed into place, don’t worry; we can provide mounting holes and screws with your order at no extra cost. Selecting sizes is easy as well because our grilles, registers, and louvers size true. Just measure the inside dimensions of the holes, and order accordingly.

Whether you’re looking to doll up a single room to the nines, or replacing your grilles around the whole house, Reggio Registers products are more affordable than you might think. Hand-crafted in the USA of the best materials available, they’re made to last for generations and come with a lifetime guarantee.

While you’re at it, why not upgrade those cheap plastic covers on your wall outlets and light switches with matching switch plates? These are an even more affordable way to add an extra wow factor to your décor and pull even more attention to your new custom grilles or registers. Come visit us at today, and imagine the possibilities.


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