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The Finishing Touch you Never Realized you Needed

February 10, 2016

Take a look around, right now, at the ceiling, then the walls, and finally the floorboards. In most rooms you’ve probably spotted a few HVAC grilles in their cheapest product quality - you know the ones - poorly designed, mass-produced off-white coverups that resemble bendable cheese graters. These sorry excuses for HVAC grilles drag down great interior design in rooms new and old. Now that you’ve spotted these eyesores, you’ll notice them everywhere - it’s unavoidable!

Handcrafted with care, Reggio Registers produces the answer for the design-conscious set: high quality cast iron, aluminum, wood, and steel grilles and registers not only aesthetically superior to the alternatives, but also manufactured to last a lifetime.

Don’t let your home or project suffer the same fate as so many rooms out there - go all the way for yourself or your clients with a Reggio Register and add a touch of elegance, class, and attention to the finer details that complete a space. You’ll be thankful you did every time you look around the room!


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