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An HVAC grille by many other names

February 10, 2016

For nearly forty years Reggio has pursued our commitment to handcrafted American excellence in product creation, materials choices, and customer care. Part of that customer care is explaining the unique differences of our products, and how they can benefit your home or business. So who are we, what are we making, and what are they called?!

Reggio Registers is the go-to source for iconic high quality hvac grilles and registers (sometimes called hvac vent covers, hvac grilles, and hvac registers).

If you look around your room you’ll notice those plain white, thin, metal ceiling vent covers, wall grilles, or floor grates – these are the essential barrier between the hvac duct that allows airflow and your room. However, just because these vent covers are essential doesn’t mean they have to be cheap and ugly!

That’s where Reggio comes in. We provide the finishing touch that gets noticed – with a lifetime guarantee! Reggio offers hvac vent covers in a number of premium quality materials, including cast iron, standard and premium wood, aluminum, and solid brass. Gone are the days when your floor grate has to be an eyesore against an otherwise beautiful hardwood floor or luxurious carpet. Instead, you can bring an instant upgrade to your space with an hvac grille that’s unique, iconic, and adds a touch of handcrafted American elegance. For the finishing touch that gets noticed – go with Reggio!



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