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Maintaining Authenticity in Old House Renovation

Maintaining Authenticity in Old House Renovation

July 28, 2021 4 viewed

7 Sources That Will Help You Do It

As joyful as it is to be tasked with transforming a historic home into a livable tribute to the past, it can be a challenge to blend the old and new ways. Your clients want the convenience of a contemporary lifestyle with the nostalgia of a 100 year old house. Renovation doesn’t get more complicated than that. . . but there are ways to maintain an authentic ambiance while gaining modern creature comforts.

Balance between restoration and modern upgrades is as simple as determining priorities. For most homeowners, that will mean tearing down a few walls and lightening up dark color schemes. There are a plethora of replica products and craftspeople dedicated to preserving a version of the past that blends right into modern-day lifestyles. Thus we present a few sources that can help you achieve that balance.

Period Windows

Windows seem to be a vintage item that most are willing to part with too easily. Newer windows do have the benefit of being more energy efficient, but on the flip side, those old windows have lasted 100 years and they can probably last 100 more. A little love and care can make older windows more efficient but in the event you absolutely need to replace some windows, turn to Gambral Acres. They produce traditional windows and incorporate modern efficiency practices that are cleared by historical societies. They even have a collection of antique glass they use whenever possible.

Architectural Elements

Architectural Mall, Inc. offers period architectural columns, balustrades, cornice, railings, shutters, trims, moldings, and medallions for the exterior and interior of an old house renovation. The styling reflects the best of the era and the construction and materials, the best of technology. Their products come in stronger, more durable offerings like fiberglass, polymer polyurethane, and composites.

Old Style Heat Registers

An old Victorian cast iron floor register design is a must for old house renovation. These beautiful floor and wall heat registers from Reggio Register are perfect for older homes. They blend the look of an era gone by with the latest technology. The durability of powder coated finishes sits alongside a generous amount of hands-on craftsmanship for a product that is the best of both worlds. They offer 19 sizes, plus they’ll custom make registers if you have a unique size.

Clawfoot Tubs

A vintage clawfoot tub is a quintessential detail in a restoration. The best thing about a clawfoot tub is that it can be incorporated into a fairly modern space and still deliver on ambiance. Classic Clawfoot offers contemporary materials such as acrylic tubs alongside classic cast iron. Another option, DecorPlanet, provides a wide selection of tubs with both modern and classic styling—all with the Victorian clawfoot.

Authentic Tin Ceiling Tiles

Tin ceilings were at the height of popularity in the late 19th century and are a staple detail in renovations from that period. American Tin Ceilings offers over 40 designs, many of them replicas of actual tin tiles retrieved from historic buildings. The company has maintained dedication to the original artistry of tin tiles and hand finishes their “artisan” colors in a distressed look. You can order custom colors or submit suggestions for new designs by filling out a form and sending in a sample taken from a historic building.

Hardware Reproductions

The little things make all the difference. Even in a modernized floor plan, Victorian door knobs, lighting, and window hardware can maintain the right feel. House of Antique Hardware offers all that and more so you can ensure your details are spot on for every old house renovation.

Historic Paint

Paint has come a long way but it can be difficult to get the same sheen and coloring of those original paints. Old Village Premier Specialty Paint Products has mastered traditional techniques like milk paint, stains, and natural ingredients for color. They combine modern paint formulas with that authentic look.

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