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Photo Contest Winner

April 26, 2021

Photo Contest Winner

Cuteness was in abundance in Reggio Register’s latest photo contest. We asked for your fur babies and your registers and you responded with zeal. The winner features these friendly boys, Lars and Finn, posing atop our Easton metal grille in White Steel.

Photo Credit: Roxy Garza

About the Project

The owners, the Garzas, were looking to add details to their remodel that would make a big impact. With larger size vents, an upscale register was just the thing to lift the entire design. The elegant geometric design of Easton has a mid-century flavor that had the detailing the Garzas were looking for.

The remodel, done in a mid-century modern design with an overtone of Danish modern, used plenty of mixed metals so the choice to go with white was unexpected for the Garzas. They turned to technology to help them make the decision. Taking a photo of the space, they Photoshopped in register designs and colors until they found the perfect fit. "White looked the best by far, but it was hard to imagine until I edited a photo to see it," said Roxy Garza.

Big Grilles, Big Design

The home had large-sized registers in high-traffic areas that were hard to overlook. The Garzas decided to embrace their big grilles and even make them stand out. Going with a bold design in white draws the eye to the registers making them a key feature of the space.

"Between the large custom size and the high-visibility of the location, I thought it was a good investment to get one made to suit my style. It adds that polished detail and style to an often overlooked part of the house!"

— Roxy Garza

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