Silver Aluminum High Velocity Outlet

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Open Style: 5" Diameter

Grille Style: 5½" Diameter

Inside: 2" Diameter

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Overview: High Velocity Outlets

Reggio's high velocity outlets add an aesthetic upgrade to the standard, visible outlet covers for mini duct systems from brands like Unico and Spacepak. With multiple materials options to match your space and low comparative replacement costs, Reggio's premium quality high velocity outlets will improve the look of your rooms. Reggio's outlet covers are handcrafted in America and guaranteed for life.

Choose Open or Grille Style

  • Open Style – Ideal for ceiling and high wall openings – Includes our exclusive hole-guard (see below).
  • Grille Style – Just right for low wall and floor openings – Keeps children's fingers, pet paws, and small objects out of the opening.

Add Style to Every High-Velocity Installation.

Most high-velocity heating and air conditioning systems come standard with a white plastic ring for installation over the duct opening. But mass produced, white plastic covers aren't suitable for many homes or businesses – especially those with historic, vintage, or distinctive design features. Reggio Registers® High-Velocity Outlets let you match the system's covers to your décor, offering the high quality craftsmanship and long life you deserve.

Reggio Register® Cast Aluminum High Velocity Outlets in 6 Colors

Our heavy-duty aluminum covers are finished with a durable, baked-on powder coating. Choose white to blend with ceilings, black for a classic look, oil rubbed bronze our newest and very popular color, silver for more contemporary settings, metallic sun gold to resemble brass at a lower cost, or gray which can easily be painted to match any décor.

Exclusive Hole-Guard Protects Outlet Holes

Reggio Register's® exclusive hole-guard keeps many small items from ending up in the system. Available on all styles, this distinctive center guard captures objects as small as a marble.

Includes Opening Adapter

All outlet covers include a special adapter that slides neatly into the system's 2" diameter flexible tubing, creating an easy, secure and permanent attachment.

Sizes Fit Most Systems

Note the dimensions above list different sizes for our high velocity outlets:

  • Open – 5" Diameter
  • Grille – 5½" Diameter

Regardless of the size, each of these outlets comes with a special adapter that slides into any 2" diameter duct system to create the permanent attachment. It is the adapter that fits into the system so any of our covers will fit most systems. The dimension listed is larger than the opening. We provide the measurement to you simply to ensure that you have enough room to accommodate the overall size of the outlet when installing it near a corner.

There's nothing to it. Just follow our 4 easy steps below.


If this is a replacement, lift out the old vent cover.

If you're working on a new construction, proceed directly to Step 2.


Measure the opening in your floor, wall or ceiling.

The width and length of your opening should match the width and length of the inside measurements of the grille.


Please measure again to ensure correct measurements.


Go to the product page of your choice (metal, wood, etc.).

Choose the option that best fits your needs then choose the inside measurement that matches the width and length of your inside opening.

Not at Home? No Problem.

Our Printable Size Chart is the perfect companion to help you find the right size grille for your installation.

View / Download Printable Size Chart

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