Model 1214R

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A register is a complete unit with a cast iron louver attached to allow control over the flow of air.

Metal Grille Scroll Design + Louver

Inside: 10¼" x 12¼"

Outside: 12" x 14"

Note: This register is available with holes only.

If this register is not the size you need, simply select an appropriately sized grille in your chosen material and add the matching louver that is shown alongside the grille. This will create your own custom register.

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Overview: Metal Registers

Reggio's registers are constructed of premium quality materials, and combine the beautiful aesthetics of a grille with the functionality of a louver that controls air flow into a room. Reggio's registers are handcrafted in America and guaranteed for life.

Reggio Register® Cast Iron Register

A 12¼" x 10¼" floor opening is all you need to have a Reggio register deliver warmth to any area of your home. Sized to fit between 16" joists on center. Built-in cast iron louvers adjust easily by foot wheel to control air volume. The 1214R is the only size register that we sell. For other sizes, consider mating our grille with its matching louver assembly. This register is only available with four mounting holes and screws (included).

Premium Packaging

Reggio's grilles are expertly packaged to safeguard against damage while in transit - for our products, nothing less than our Premium Packaging will do! If your order happens to be damaged in transit, we will get a replacement to you free of charge..

There's nothing to it. Just follow our 4 easy steps below.


If this is a replacement, lift out the old vent cover.

If you're working on a new construction, proceed directly to Step 2.


Measure the opening in your floor, wall or ceiling.

The width and length of your opening should match the width and length of the inside measurements of the grille.


Please measure again to ensure correct measurements.


Go to the product page of your choice (metal, wood, etc.).

Choose the option that best fits your needs then choose the inside measurement that matches the width and length of your inside opening.

Not at Home? No Problem.

Our Printable Size Chart is the perfect companion to help you find the right size grille for your installation.

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