Product Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with the quality or workmanship of any Reggio Register® purchase, return it for a prompt refund. Our products are designed to last for generations, however wear and tear is normal, especially in high traffic or damp conditions; and we are not responsible for normal aging or damage caused by household chemicals or physical abuse. Products that are returned scratched or not otherwise in their original condition may be subject to a refinishing charge.

Shipping and Handling Charges

Although we are continually evaluating the cost and reliability of the vendors we use for shipping, currently UPS is our vendor for most packages. UPS charges are based on weight and distance from our location in Leominster, MA, but to simplify the calculation we do average the distance so everyone's rate is based primarily upon the package weight. UPS charges increase as the weight of the package increases. Unfortunately where the cost of shipping is concerned, our products are heavy. The weight of each individual product is shown on our site and in our catalog next to the S&H charge.

In addition to UPS shipping charges, we also package each item we sell individually wrapped to ensure that it arrives without scratches or dings of any sort. This costs money and time, but we believe it is essential that when you open the package the product looks every bit as good as it did when it left our facility. Finally we insure each package. All of this increases our costs above the simple freight charges from UPS.

Even in shipping, however, there are some economies of scale. For this reason we do offer discounts on shipping and handling for four or more items shipped at one time to a single address. (Our shipping discount schedule is published in our catalog and on the website.) We encourage you to take advantage of this savings whenever possible.

We certainly do realize that shipping and handling add to your overall cost and we continually look for ways to control those costs, but we also know that it is critical to you that your order arrive timely and without damage.

Return Policy

When you return a product, please repack it in the original shipping carton. No refunds are given on original shipping charges. We urge you to check sizes and measure accurately. All Returns after 30 days will be subject to a 15% Restocking Charge.

Privacy Policy

We do not exchange customer e-mail addresses with other companies. However, we may occasionally send you an e-mail ourselves, and from time to time we may make portions of our postal list available so other companies can send you information about products and services that may interest you.