Surface Mount Returns

Handcrafted with large openings to ensure ample airflow, Reggio Register’s Surface Mount Return grilles are suitable for wall or floor installations. Crafted from solid wood, these return air vent grilles are available in red and white oak, cherry and maple and come either Finished with a clear finish designed to protect and ensure quality, or Unfinished so you can stain the air return grille to match to your decor.

Special order? Wood return air grilles can be custom made to almost any size and material, including premium options. Simply contact us with your desired size and material. Custom orders take approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery -

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Surface Mount Returns

Handcrafted to ensure ample airflow, surface mount return grilles are suitable for wall or floor installations. Select our natural clear finish, or "unfinished" for custom paint or stain.

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