3 Evergreen Interior Design Trends that Never Go Out of Style

Decor and interior design trends are always evolving, and it feels like every year there is a new style that everyone wants to incorporate into their homes.

If you’re considering a renovation, you may be wondering which styles will appear modern and fresh while still looking timeless and aging well. After all, nobody wants to undergo a renovation every year just to stay on trend!

The truth is, many interior styles are borrowed from previous generations and are simply updated to reflect current trends. This means that many of the most popular styles have been used for years, making them “evergreen” and able to stand the test of time.

So what exactly are these evergreen interior trends? Just like an evergreen tree will last through every season and still thrive, here are 3 interior design choices that never go out of style:

Industrial style interior staircase with metal railings.

1. Industrial Interiors

Inspired by repurposed factories from the Industrial Revolution, an industrial interior style typically embraces exposed architectural elements (like beams or concrete) and a cool, neutral color palette.

Because of its cooler palette – which often includes a spectrum of grays, whites, blacks, and browns – the industrial style has true staying power, as it’s more subtle than other design styles and can be readjusted to fit with any trend.

Some features that are commonly seen in industrial spaces are repurposed or reclaimed materials, concrete floors, bare light bulbs, contemporary furnishings, and graphic lines created with black metals – like these stunning steel grilles. Accessories may include large abstract wall art, metal structures, and other visually interesting objects that look like they belong in a chic gallery.

Mid-Century Modern styled space with black registers in the wall near the ceiling.

2. Mid-Century Modern Design

The mid-century modern interior design style became popularized in the 1940’s and has yet to leave the mainstream gaze. Defined by organic forms, minimal ornamentation, clean lines, and high functionality, mid-century modern rooms have a timeless appeal because of their simplicity. This design tradition is charming, practical, and will never go out of style.

Some of the most typical features of mid-century modern spaces are organic and geometric shapes (such as egg chairs or circular coffee tables), smart pops of color (like orange, aqua, red, or mustard yellow), natural wood elements, and biomorphic prints.

Many mid-century modern spaces also incorporate a mixture of man-made and natural materials – meaning you’ll see things like wood, leather, and stone often mixed with vinyl, plastic, lucite, and fiberglass.

Minimalist interior design with light woods and dark register in the wall near the floor.

3. Japanese-Inspired Minimalism

Similar to industrial interiors, the minimalist design style also provides the perfect backdrop for a timeless space that will look chic for decades to come. Characterized by a monochromatic color palette and an open, clutter-free floor plan, minimalism is all about reductive design elements with little to no decoration.

Inspired by Japanese design, minimalism employs high-quality pieces with unfussy silhouettes and favors zen simplicity. In other words, less is always more when it comes to minimalist spaces. Some key features of minimalist design include natural lighting, open shelving, sleek lighting, and organic textiles like wood, ceramics, or stone.

Oftentimes, minimalist furniture will serve several functions, like dual-purpose ottomans with storage included, lift-top extendable coffee tables that can be used as a desk, and convertible couches that can be rearranged in a variety of seating layouts.

After incorporating an evergreen interior design style as the backdrop of a space, you may want to add some trendier items to speak to contemporary times. Here are some of the top interior design trends we’re expecting to see this year.

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