5 Reasons to Love Beveled Edge Registers

Our classic registers--whether aluminum or cast iron, laser cut, or sand cast—have crisp square edges that come off the floor at a perfect 90-degree angle. While that look brings with it historicity and exactness, sometimes a different aesthetic is in order. Something softer and slightly more relaxed.

Introducing the beveled edge vent cover. You’ll get the same beautiful patterns and the same solid design but with a 45-degree angled edge instead of the 90-degree edge. It’s a small adjustment that can make a big impact.

Here’s five reasons why we know you’ll love this option.


Close up of an edge of a register with beveled edge.

A Softer Aesthetic

Our classic registers with their exact edges are stunning, but beveled edge introduces a softer look. It still maintains its wow factor but with a more laid-back vibe that suits some styles much better. It might just be a better choice for softened designs like Japandi and rustic designs like farmhouse.

No More Stubbed Toes

Though straight edges come off the floor very little, they do create a bit of a ledge that might pose a hazard for toes. The beveled edge vent cover reduces that risk to almost nothing. Say goodbye to nighttime obstacle courses with one simple fix: the beveled edge.


Profile view of a beveled edge register.

Robot Vacuum’s Best Friend

Some of the more sensitive robot vacuums might get tripped up by traditional registers with their prominent edges. The beveled edge lets the vacuum do its job better by creating a sort of ramp that lets it move about more freely. With beveled edge registers there will be no more missed spots that you have to go back and sweep up later!

The End of Tripping

Sometimes it seems we can trip over the tiniest things. Even something as miniscule as the edge of a vent cover can do it. Get rid of that possibility with the beveled edge vent cover. The angle makes it so you glide over the vent cover instead of tripping over it.

 Cast iron register with beveled edges.

Door Accommodations

If you have vents near doors, you know the problem of the register catching the door. Don’t redo your HVAC system! Try the simple solution first: beveled edge registers. The beveled edge presents much less of a catch than the straight edge. You may not even notice the issue anymore.

Ready to make the switch to the best vent covers on the market? You’ll get the best of both worlds with our outstanding designs, handcrafted manufacturing, and now a beveled edge.

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