5 Tips to Help You Navigate Black Friday Home Improvement Sales

Some Black Friday deals are better than others. When you’re looking for home improvement sales this year, it will help to know which are the real deals and which you’d be better off waiting for.

Ready to find the best Black Friday home improvement sales? Read on.

1. Shop for Sets

Most Black Friday sales focus around big-ticket items. The biggest savings come with the biggest price tags. However, if you’re looking for a lower priced item, you might find a great deal if that item is a part of a set.

For instance: washer dryer sets, tools in sets, sets of lighting fixtures, etc. all offer you a better deal when you buy more than one.

2. Spring for Technology

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get that smart thermostat or home security system, Black Friday is it. You’ll find great deals on all the home tech from mesh wireless systems to robot vacuums.

Now’s also the right time to wire your home for all the smart appliances plus the apps and receivers that go with them. Start shopping even before Black Friday, as most technology stores will start early.

3. Take the Plunge on Big-Ticket Items

Black Friday is all about big-ticket items. Televisions are the token Black Friday sale item but other big purchases like electronics, furniture, etc. offer similar discounts.

For DIYers, the time is right for big tools like table saws, ladders, and more. Be on the lookout for deals on all your home remodeling basics like lighting, flooring, cabinets, appliances, and more. Black Friday is a treasure trove for far more than just electronics.

4. End the Waiting Game

If there’s a specialty item you’ve been watching, it’s likely that Black Friday will offer you the lowest prices you’ve seen. Unique items don’t often go on sale and when they do, the discount can be less than impressive.

For retailers, Black Friday is the last chance they have to make the sale before year end. They’re aiming to attract people just like you who have been waiting for the right opportunity. That works in your favor because it’s when they pull out all the stops to attract your business.


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5. Go Beyond

Don’t limit your Black Friday shopping to the big box stores with the fancy ads. Nearly every business will run some kind of special at this time of year but they may not be as vocal about it as the larger chain stores.

Ask HVAC dealers, online retailers, and small businesses about what they’re offering this season. You can even ask service providers about discounts they may have around Black Friday.

6. Stock Up

While everyone is paying attention to the latest electronic sale, put your sights on things you use all the time in your home improvement. If you’re in the middle of a renovation, use your discounts to get nails, screws, and hammers. Filters, repair kits, and the like may have a discount too.

Deals on these smaller, everyday items may not look as impressive as the bigger items, but that’s mostly because the percentage on a lower price results in smaller savings. You’re still getting a deal on things you know you’ll use and can store indefinitely.

Time to take your mark and get set for the sales coming your way. Don’t forget to shift your focus from TVs and the latest gaming console to Black Friday home improvement sales that could end up saving you a bundle.

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