Crafting Perceptions: High Design with Newton Kitchens & Design

Newton Kitchens & Design of Needham, Massachusetts, is a family-owned business dedicated to delighting customers and altering their perceptions of what is possible. They blend an unpretentious and authentic mindset with an unrivaled commitment to master craftsmanship.

The full-service design house is limitless, providing everything the personalized, custom design to handcrafted furniture and cabinetry.

Galley kitchen with blue cabinets and oriental rug

Their innovative designs range from contemporary to traditional and combine luxury with functionality. They’ve seen everything from intimate galley kitchens engineered to maximize every inch of space to expansive living spaces with carefully selected materials that flow harmoniously throughout the home.

Reggio Register considered it a match made in heaven to combine forces with Newton Kitchens & Design to further enhance home designs. Their 6500 square foot showroom features vignettes in every style with a variety of materials and colors to consider. And now, Reggio Register is a part of that touch-and-feel showroom.

Close up of a square register in a tile floor.

Designing for People

Newton’s designers are capable of creating in any style so their top priority is to get to know the client and take inspiration from that to design the space. Designer and client meet in the showroom to explore the options and discuss vision.

“We work with the client every step of the way to design the perfect pieces for their kitchen, bathroom, walk-in closet or entertaining space. We design from the ground up, working with the client from the first sketch through the details of the final piece which ultimately combines their objectives and aesthetic with our expertise,” said a Newton representative.

The showroom and interaction with a designer helps the client realize their goal and gives them the confidence in knowing that anything they wish to achieve, Newton Kitchen & Design can deliver.

Kitchen with blue cabinets and marble countertop with large black range.

Choosing Finishes

As with all the details of Newton’s designs, finishes like registers become clear as the project comes into focus. “The selections of materials, patterns, and colors come to me as I am interviewing the client, visiting their home, and thinking about the design,” said a Newton designer.

If budget allows, Newton designers always recommend a recessed register. “This is the cleanest and most custom looking register—a great match for these beautiful homes,” the Newton designer related.

Their second favorite register? The floor register with underside lip. The drop-in installation is easy, yet offers a distinctive aesthetic.

Large kitchen with blue cabinets and copper pans hanging on the wall.

Shop with Newton

Maybe stopping by the showroom in Massachusetts isn’t something you can do, but you can have the same register options to achieve luxury finishes in your own design. Take a look at our stand-out patterns and colors in laser-cut or cast metal vent covers today.



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