How to Know If You Need A Custom Vent Cover

Most of the time your vent covers don’t need much attention. Occasionally, they demand your attention. Like when you can’t find a vent cover that fits. You may be wondering if you’ll ever find a cover that fits or if you’ll need to do a custom order.

We’re here to save you some time. Here’s how you know you’ll need a custom vent cover.

You Don’t Have a Standard Size Vent Opening

Most vent openings require a 4 x 10”, 4 x 12”, 6 x 10”, or 6 x 12”. If your opening isn’t one of those, the chances you might need a custom vent increase.

Reggio Register offers additional sizes without you having to place a custom order.

    6 x 6”4 x 8”8 x 8”2 ¼ x 10”4 x 10”6 x 10”8 x 10”10 x 10”2 ¼ x 12”4 x 12”6 x 12”8 x 12”12 x 12”2 ¼ x 14”4 x 14”6 x 14”8 x 14”

If none of those fit your vent opening, you definitely need a custom size. Reggio makes it easy to custom order. Simply fill out a form indicating the measurements you need and you’ll have your custom vent cover in no time.

You Need a Thinner Register

Registers generally come in 3/16” thickness no matter the material they are made of. A thickness of 3/16” is ideal for most applications. It is thick enough for floor vents where they may be exposed to traffic, but not so much that it might impede traffic.

If you want a thinner vent cover, Reggio also offers a ⅛” thickness. It’s our thinnest option and one of the thinnest on the market. It is for walls and ceilings only as it’s not designed for traffic. Simply select the ⅛” thickness on your regular order (available in Steel in the Made to Order collection) and you’re all set.

You Want a Specific Material

If you want more options material-wise, you may need to customize your order. Most registers are available in steel. If you’re looking for something different, we offer many of our designs in both steel and aluminum.

Additionally we offer vent covers in wood, including red oak, white oak, maple, and cherry.

You Want a Specific Color

Unless you are going to try to paint your vent covers yourself, it’s best to try to get a color that suits you from the beginning. White is easy to come by and black and brown are generally available but if you want to go outside those colors, you may find that you need to do a custom order.

Reggio Register offers several different colors in stock so you don’t have to order custom vent covers.

    BlackGrayOil-Rubbed BronzeWhiteSilverSun GoldChampagneSatin Nickel

You Want to Add an Underside Lip

The underside lip is a feature of the register that sticks out beneath the register that keeps floor registers in place without having to use nails or screws to secure it. An underside lip is mainly used for floor vent covers. Sometimes they are considered a custom element.

But not at Reggio Registers. You can opt to include the underside lip as a standard feature for a small fee.

You Want to Add Mounting Holes

Many companies charge extra to drill mounting holes (drilled holes that you use to secure the vent cover with screws). You could try to drill them yourself, or you could make a custom order to have them drilled.

There’s a third option, you could request holes be drilled at Reggio. There’s no extra cost and no additional time to get mounting holes in your vent covers.

Let Reggio assist you in making a custom vent cover order. Many options considered custom elsewhere are available standard Reggio so you can avoid extra charges and extra lead time. We’ll help you find the perfect register to suit your home’s specs and design.

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