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Vent Cover Patterns to Suit Today’s Hottest Styles

Adaptation is in. Even interior design is leaving the comfortable boundaries of traditional, transitional, and contemporary in favor of a mashup of styles. Today it’s all about evolution. It isn’t unusual to see minimalism merge into cozy or vintage mesh with modern in newly minted design styles like Japandi or Grandmillenial.

Whether you want to add some vintage chic to a modern space or freshen things up with a contemporary breath of fresh air, Reggio’s spectacular spread of vent cover patterns means there’s definitely at least one that will suit your tastes and design style.

Take a little tour with us around some of the hottest design styles with these mood boards.Mood board featuring Japandi style with neutral colors and natural materials.


Japandi is a blending of warm Scandinavian minimalism called hygge and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. Both embrace contentment, wellbeing, and simplicity. The philosophy of these two cultures was already on its way to popularity when a pandemic (and all that time at home craving comfort) launched it to epic heights.

The look is cozy and simple with overtones of both Japanese and Scandinavian traditional styles. It features plenty of soft textures, warm colors, and natural materials.

Sunray Registers

We’ve chosen the Sunray pattern in Satin Nickel Steel to complement Japandi style. The spare yet elegant pattern features decorated circles that remind one of the Land of the Rising Sun. Satin finishes allow for a softer metallic presence that is the perfect companion to the Japandi style.

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Mood board featuring Bohemian style with warm colors and geometric patterns.


Bohemian style has no strict rules. It values creativity above all else. That said, there are a few must haves that give a general shape to a Bohemian design.

A carefree vibe and personal detailing bordering on eclectic are always a part of a Bohemian design. Saturated, warm earthy colors and bold patterns are also hallmarks of this style. Layering is key to a Bohemian style in everything from lighting to textiles.

Basketweave Register

Bold patterns, especially geometric ones, are classic Bohemian. Our Basketweave pattern is a timeless look that couples well with the symmetrical and repeating arrangements often found in this style. The Champagne Bronze Steel color is soft and earthy, yet unique.

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Mood board featuring Grandmillennial style with floral patterns and soft colors.


Grandmillennial,or granny-chic, is the result of the next generation’s rebellion against the minimalist, neutral style that has held us captive for decades. It’s a mashup of grandma’s living room and pop culture.

The style is full of warm, bright colors, interesting patterns (especially florals), and takes traditional style to a whole new level. There’s plenty of texture in the form of fringe and ruffles. Personality is king and no design is complete without some vintage charm.

Easton Register

The dependable pattern of Easton is detailed enough to earn its place in a Grandmillennial scheme. The vintage-inspired design reminds one of a Victorian parlor, a perfect addition of granny-chic. The Sun Gold Steel color is warm and soft but stands out as a detail worth bringing to the front.

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Want more vent cover pattern inspiration? Try these on for size.

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