Down to the Last Detail: 2 Stories about Customization

Customizing a design provides the opportunity to create something distinctive, align it more closely with specific needs or preferences, improve functionality, enhance user experiences, and ultimately, differentiate from standard or generic alternatives. It takes a run-of-the-mill space and makes it one-of-a-kind.

We recently worked with two clients who wanted to do just that. Here are their stories.

Collage of images of a bathroom with filigree wallpaper and Reggio Registers


Taking Austin by Storm

Austin, Texas is very different from what it was in the 1990s. All the growth and the shift in the general mentality of the city has left it wide open for redevelopment and reimagining. That’s where BANDD/Design began.


Collage of images with Reggio Register and a small bathroom with dark vanity.

“We love taking the bones of a beautiful home and amplifying them so that they are functional and timeless,” said designer and founder, Sara Malek Barney, ASID. The firm specializes in creating spaces that reflect the style, personality, and preferences of its inhabitants. Customization is a go-to move to create that personal style.

Bathroom with green tile and round mirror with Reggio Register over the vent.

Reggio Register teamed up with BANDD/Design to create some custom registers for a unique kitchen. With color and texture as main priorities for the design, the registers were a place where the details could play in an understated way.

Sara said, “I wanted a pattern with a bit of whimsy. Something where if a guest looks up, they think “oh hey, what is that?’. They chose a white finish to match the ceiling color so the registers wouldn’t be loud but something that would create interest.

Diagram of a register and its pattern from Reggio Register.

The custom design has a broken ice sort of pattern that’s part geometric shapes and part blocking pattern. “I felt like, with the registers, this could be a space where we have fun and do something a little unique. At the end of the day, the custom register make the space feel so much more finished and elevated,” said Sara.

Collage of custom patterns vent covers with monograms.


Channeling the Golden Era of Cinema at Home

 Home theater room with black walls and red furnishings.


At the onset of the 20th century, the emergence of cinema and the trend of attending movie theaters coincided serendipitously with the pinnacle of the Art Deco movement. This alignment led to the adornment of numerous movie theaters in the Art Deco style, a trend that persists in today's cinema architecture.

Tara Lipinski, an Olympic figure skating gold medalist and NBC broadcaster, drew inspiration from this era to fashion an Art Deco-themed home theater. Infused with the opulence of luscious velvet furniture and a sophisticated black-and-gold color palette, Lipinski's home theater seamlessly brings together the essence of a bygone era with contemporary technology, resulting in a harmonious fusion of both worlds.


Wide view of a home theater with large screen, red velvet furnishings, and black walls with sconces.

The home theater stands as a testament to Lipinski's devotion to the vintage theme. Adorned with black walls featuring brass sconces, complemented by inviting rust-colored velvet furnishings and a vintage-style carpet flaunting a richly-colored floral pattern on a black backdrop, the room exudes an air of nostalgia.

Custom elements transformed the classic Scroll register pattern in a brass hue, to something special by adding miniature old-time film camera. This contributes to the cinematic ambiance, while a matte black tin tile ceiling completes the opulent aesthetic.

Close up of custom register with old film camera in the center.

Customization Process

All the registers at Reggio are made by traditional sand casting or laser cutting then finished by hand. Not only can we make a register to suit any size, but we can also add custom details that make your registers stand out.

We can also create new patterns for your custom-designed home. Simply get in contact with us to discuss your ideas and get a quote. We look forward to partnering with you to make your home one-of-a-kind.



Graphic depicting how to use Reggio Registers.

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