Fresh Fall House Upgrade

Easy Home Updates You Can Do This Fall

Fall is the time when many things seem to be winding down. Leaves fall from the trees. Summer fruits become few and far between. On the other hand, lots of things start to ramp up in the fall too. Preparation for the holidays starts in earnest. We turn up the heat and cozy up by the fire.

Fall may also have you thinking about a house upgrade. Maybe you’re finally ready to do that remodel before the holidays hit. Or maybe guests are coming and you want to put your best foot forward.

If you’re ready to freshen up the house for fall and the coming holiday season, read on. Here’s our best ideas for simple updates you can do this fall.

Accent Decor

The easiest thing to update is also the cheapest. Your accent decor can be changed with the seasons or as often as you like. It’s an easy way to add different colors to your scheme or freshen things up. Throw pillows and knick knacks in the living room, new towels and art in the bathroom, fresh linens and an electric fireplace in the bedroom all take your design from blah to brilliant.



Another simple house upgrade is to give a little love to your details and trims. Moldings, window and door frames, etc. can be repainted or updated. You can add more details like crown molding, new outlet or lightswitch covers.


The Fifth Wall

The fifth wall, or ceiling, can be transformed from just another blank space to something spectacular that changes your space entirely. Paint it a contrasting color, add wallpaper or tin tile, put in a coffered ceiling to change up your entire room.



The softer elements in your design go a long way to setting the tone for your spaces. Consider updating rugs, drapery, upholstery, and linens to influence the ambiance of your home. Go with some interesting patterns or textures to add more visual warmth.



Bedroom with the bed between two window and register centered on the wall near the ceiling.

Heat Update

With winter on the horizon, it’s important to give some attention to your heating systems (both functionally, and aesthetically). Give your heating system a check up so it’s ready for the cold weather. Update the thermostat to a smart version you can control without ever leaving your bed. Replace unsightly vent covers with classy and durable Reggio Register products.


Hardware & Fixtures

Replacing hardware and fixtures can have an amazing effect on your design. This little shift can make the space feel completely new. Get new knobs and pulls for cabinetry. Update faucets (and any leaky plumbing). Get some new pendant lights over the kitchen island.



The backsplash is the easiest permanent element of your kitchen to update. It can be done in a day and completely changes the kitchen. Go with a bold ceramic tile, tin tile, elegant stone, or even glass. Take the backsplash beyond the traditional 18 inches to create a feature wall.



Feature Wall

A feature wall is just a wall that you transform into the centerpiece of your space. You can do it in the kitchen, dining room, living room, even the bedroom. It is easily accomplished with bold paint, patterned wallpaper, wood plank, or any number of creative additions.


Entry Hall

Your entry hall is a small space that you don’t have to do much to in order to make it feel new. Give it a fresh coat of paint. Add a narrow table with fresh decor. Install a new chandelier. Update your rug. Paint the front door (on the inside).



Change out your showerheads for a luxurious shift that you’ll get to enjoy everyday. A rain showerhead is an easy update that doesn’t require any plumbing knowledge. It may be the same shower, but it will be a whole new experience.


Exterior Entry

Turn your attention to the exterior for a house upgrade that the whole neighborhood can enjoy. Your exterior entry is a limited area that you can get big rewards out of for a minimum of effort. Paint the front door or replace the front door. Update your porch furniture. Change out the door mat and add a new wreath. Redo the landscaping by the front door.


Make the most of a house upgrade with these simple things you can do yourself. Give your home a refresh this fall, just in time for the holidays.

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