Interior Design Pattern Trends of 2023 You Need Now

Patterns are hot, hot, hot in 2023 and that’s expected to grow. Here’s what's in and how to use patterns to greatest effect in your spaces.

60s & 70s

The boldness of the 1960s and 70s has come around again. Look for stripes, organic shapes, and geometrics in bold but muted colors like sage, terracotta, or mustard.

For your registers, we suggest something simple yet bold like Basketweave, Chevron, or Linear.

Animal print wallpaper on a living room wall.

Animal Prints

Go wild with prints that feature zebra stripes or leopard spots but also consider featuring the actual animal. Romping zebras, a variety of dog breeds in a single color, and birds are all on trend.

Pattern Tips

Too much or too many patterns can become overwhelming. Choose a neutral to ground a space with bold patterns. A wood or stone floor is an excellent way to keep the focus on the joy of the pattern without going overboard.


Chintz arm chair in a minimal white living room


Grandmillennial or granny chic design trends gained power and popularity in 2022 and will continue to grow, with them came the florals chintz. The light backgrounds and high-contrast designs are right on trend.


Geometric print couch in living room with charcoal walls and light wood floors.


Easily identifiable shapes arranged in all sorts of ways is on trend in 2023 as well. They don’t have to be straight-lined, hard cornered shapes either. More curved shapes and combinations of shapes will work too.

Luckily, there are lots of options for your registers with geometrics. Try the elongated hexagons of Duncan or starry squares of Asher. Mosaic offers a mashup of circles and trapezoids for a more maximalist approach.

Pattern Tips

One thing you’ll see emerging in 2023 is Maximalism. In revolt of many years of minimalism, you’ll see the adoption of more textures, more patterns, more colors, and more décor all in one space.


Large scale floral wallpaper on a living room wall with gray couch in the foreground.

Florals & Nature Inspired

Close cousin to chintz, floral and natural patterns feature greenery and larger flowers (think Hawaiian shirt) perfect for making a statement.

Floral type patterns aren’t just about flowers, natural patterns can also embrace organic shapes that hint at the natural world without being overtly floral. Try Versailles registers to achieve the look.


White bedroom with pastel pops of color on the bedspread and nightstand.


We know that pastels are more a color than a pattern, but as pastels start to come back full force, be sure to let them play a big part in the patterns you choose. Pink, lavender, spring green, and warm terracotta will all be big players in the patterns of 2023.

Pattern Tips

As with 2022, 2023 will continue to embrace unique personalization in interior design. In a way, this removes the rules and lets you bring whatever makes you happy into the design.

Check out more register patterns to complement your on-trend interior design.

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