Introducing Toe Kick Register Covers

Introducing our latest innovation: a specially crafted toe kick vent cover designed to enhance airflow and functionality. Customers have been using our slimmest vent covers in lieu of a toe kick option, but that ends now.


White kitchen with gold toe kick registers.

This low-profile design seamlessly fits between your cabinets and the floor, efficiently directing air into the room rather than upward into the cabinet. In response to valuable customer feedback, we've carefully designed this toe kick register to address the common toe kick register issue of decreased air flow. Our solution stands out in the industry, offering maximum air flow to ensure optimal performance.


Blue kitchen cabinets with silver toe kick register.

The cover's opening, featuring an intricate pattern, occupies a larger portion of the register compared to other vent covers. This deliberate design choice facilitates increased air movement, making the toe kick vent exceptionally efficient.

Personalize your space by choosing from a variety of laser-cut patterns and eight vibrant colors for the toe kick cover. Available in either aluminum or steel with a 3/16” thickness, this cover comes without a lip, and standard screw holes make attachment to the toe kick a breeze.


White kitchen island with two toe kick registers at the base.

Upgrade your home with our advanced toe kick vent cover for a perfect blend of style and functionality.

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