Maintaining Historical Architecture with Vintage Air Vent Covers

A beautifully preserved house on the National Register of Historic Places is a treasure to any community. But obtaining and maintaining a place on the Register is an in-depth and regulated process.

Once a property is recognized for its historic, archeological, or architectural significance, you enter a space that blends the past with the present, especially when you start a historic renovation.

Historic preservation of any building is about keeping the heritage of the building intact. That includes using materials and choosing designs that will maintain the building’s original look and feel. Updating older buildings with newer systems and materials, inspired by the past, will help them stand the test of time and continue to be cherished pieces of history.

Reggio Register is a proud partner in helping maintain the historic nature of many buildings across the country and the world. Our historic-inspired grilles, vent covers, and registers are renowned for their Victorian roots both in manufacturing and look.


Vintage grille installed in a wall near a wood floor. 

Vintage Grilles

Our most historically accurate grilles are still produced the same way they were well over a hundred years ago. We still use the same materials. But you get the benefit of a few modern perks as well. It’s the perfect way to maintain historicity without sacrificing conveniences.


Close up of cast iron grille in Scroll pattern. 

Cast Iron

For the most historically accurate vent covers, go with cast iron. The process by which we make these grilles is called sand casting and involves iron being poured into a sand mold. When the mold is removed, it leaves a signature pitted look only produced by a sand casting. While the natural color is black, historically grilles were also painted in ornate metallic colors.

Today both the natural black and colors like gold, silver, and oil rubbed bronze are popular choices for renovations. Colors are offered in cast aluminum, a lighter-weight material that is visually in distinguishable from cast iron. White or gray colors offer another more modern take on a traditional look.

Victorian Patterns

Traditionally, grilles and registers were cast in ornate patterns readily recognizable today as Victorian in origin. What has become known as scroll patterns of the Victorian era feature curved lines and floral-like designs with geometric elements. Any scroll-like pattern is an excellent choice for vintage preservations.

Reggio Register’s Scroll pattern has repeating geometrics with elegant curves in a petal like layout. Versailles pattern is another historic reproduction that offers a series of repeating curved flourishes perfect for Victorian era renovations.


Custom made grille in gold with initial in the center of a scroll pattern.

Custom Grilles

Before the time of standardization of grille and register sizes, vent openings came in all sizes and measurements. Though Reggio Register attempts to stock sizes that fit many historic buildings, sometimes custom sizing is needed.

Because this is such a common occurrence in historic renovations, you can order vent covers in any size right on the website. You don’t have to call in to make a special order; all you have to do is submit a simple custom request and you’re on your way. Be sure to consult our measurement instructions to get a perfect fit.

Order Custom Grilles

You can also customize your order by specifying the thickness you desire (3/16” or 1/8”), the material, and the color or finish. Additionally, you can order your vent covers with or without mounting holes for easy installation.


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