Behind the Scenes with the Heritage Collection

A legacy in registers: our Heritage Collection name speaks for itself. Since its origins in 1978, our Heritage registers have been crafted by hand and designed to have original parts and timeless patterns, each produced with a unique customized look and feel.

Our Heritage registers are made out of premium quality cast metals that are built to last a lifetime, both in form and in function. A prime choice for any high-traffic business space or home, these grilles add durability (and distinct old world charm) to any ceiling, wall, or floor surface.

Two Timeless Pattern Options

There are two pattern options in the Heritage Collection: Scroll and Square. Both are made from premium metals that are made with great detail and precision through either a die casting or sand casting process (more on that below).

Scroll pattern from the Heritage collection.

The Scroll (available in 32 sizes and 7 luxurious finish colors) is an iconic 20th century Victorian design handcrafted in your choice of cast iron, or cast aluminum metal. All Scroll registers are made with a lip on the back that ranges between ¼” to ½” deep to fit into ductwork.

Square pattern from the Heritage Collection.

Square pattern (available in 29 sizes and 6 finish colors) is a modern and clean design handcrafted in your choice of  steel or cast aluminum. The lip is optional for many of the Square register patterns.


Round vent cover in oil rubbed bronze with intricate pattern.

More Options for More Applications

Besides the standard vent covers, also known as, grilles, you can get registers, round vent covers, and baseboard vent covers. It's the perfect line up for retrofitting your space with style. 

The register has an underside lip that slides down into the floor making it very secure. The baseboard version sits on the floor with an opening on a 45 degree angle that directs air up and into the room. The round cover is a unique offering that gives you more options for stylish finishes even with an unusual duct system. 

 Baseboard vent cover that sits at an angle.

How Heritage Registers Made 

In terms of production, Heritage registers start off with either a die cast aluminum or sand cast aluminum—both different yet exquisite options. There are similarities in the process, but the texture and appearance is a key difference.

Person drilling holes in a vent cover at the Reggio facility.

The Die Casting Process

Die cast material results in a very smooth and crisp, clear, and precise patterned register. The process of die-cast registers begins with blanks formed by a molding process s which are then cut out  from sanding 5-7 times before the pattern appears and shows up , Changing the   grade grit during the process for additional smoothness.    

Before sanded, the die cast aluminum is flattened and edged with a big belt sander. Next, mounting holes are drilled, and filed down through orbital sanding. 

After filing, the die cast patterned register is ready to be washed and micro-etched resulting in a nice, clean surface that is ready for paint application. Once complete, the freshly finished register goes into the oven, left to cool down after, and finally packed for delivery.

The Sand Casting Process

In comparison to die cast registers, sand cast registers are designed to feel much more rustic and textured—a true Heritage look! 

The sand casting process uses actual sand to make the register pattern mold, with an authentic grainy-textured look that is intentionally not disturbed during this delicate process. Next, the register is filed down for a slightly crisper and square finish, while still ensuring not to strip away the desired rough appearance and feel.

Next steps include filing, sanding,  then orbital sanding to quickly clean up and get rid of any remaining edges so the register is ready to be painted. For this durable powder coating finish process, each register is first hand painted, then goes through an oven for solidifying the finish color. Finally, the sand casted register is ready to be shipped!

Whether Scroll or Square,  die cast or sand cast, our Heritage register patterns and antique-look textures and finishes will stand the test of time in any home or business. Preserve tradition today (and throughout your space) with our Heritage Collection.

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