Our Cast Iron vs. Theirs

Not All Cast Iron is Created Equal

See for yourself the quality of Reggio Register Cast Iron.

We offer 30+ sizes, ranging from 6”x6” to 30”x18” to fit any space.

Cast Iron Floor Register

Durability: our cast iron floor registers and grilles are an excellent choice for high traffic areas. Our grilles have a thickness that extends from the surface of the grille to the underside lip, providing strength and durability. Pick one up and feel the difference! One of ours equals three of theirs in weight.


Commercial-Grade Finish: unlike other manufacturers who paint their grilles, our cast iron is finished with commercial-grade powder coating. This process performs better than paint, and is more resistant to chipping, scratching, and other wear. We even powder coat the bottom for optimal durability, compared to other manufacturers who leave the underside unfinished.


Cast Iron Grilles Perfected by Reggio Register

Old world craftsmanship meets new world durability

Our grilles and registers are hand-finished to deliver a superior product that is worthy of your project. Reggio applies stringent quality control to each grille before it leaves our warehouse, individually inspecting for a superb condition. That's the Reggio Register promise - unparalleled premium fabrication.