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Go Behind the Scenes in the Making of Two New Vent Cover Designs

March 26, 2021

Handcrafted Quality. High-Tech Precision.

We are excited to announce our two newest register designs: Basketweave and Chevron. High-tech machinery and old-fashioned craftsmanship are the foundation of these (and all) Reggio products. They arrive at your doorstep having passed through both precision equipment and careful human hands so they reflect our high standard.

Take a peek behind the curtain to see what went into the making of these new vent cover designs.

Behind the Scenes: Register Design

Reggio turned to some of the biggest trends in ceramic tile to inspire these latest additions. The trend toward more cohesive coordination between patterns and finishes meant it was only natural to look to other design elements for new register patterns.

The popularity of chevron and basketweave in ceramic tile was the inspiration for registers to go in the same direction. These patterns offer a different look for your vent cover designs that harmonize with the geometric trends of the moment but has the staying power of classic design that will keep them relevant.

Both Chevron and Basketweave are a part of the Made to Order Collection, which gives residential and commercial buyers the opportunity to customize register specifications for different installations: floor, wall, and ceiling. You can also specify thickness, lip, drilled holes, etc.

Behind the Scenes: Manufacturing

Basketweave and Chevron are intricate designs that require plenty of hand processes to refine, but that's no big deal for our craftspeople, several of whom have been creating and finishing the products--by hand--for 20+ years.

Laser Cutting Machine

The process begins at our laser cutter where the intricate patterns are cut with precision. Next, the registers are sanded by hand with an orbital sander to take off burrs and round the edges. Often hand filing is required between the slats to ensure smoothness on interior edges.

Oribtal Sanding



Counter Sinking Holes

Holes are drilled and countersunk by hand and according to customer specification. Then the vent cover designs are thoroughly washed (also by hand) before heading off to the powder coat line.



Powder coat is an electromagnetic process where a dry polyester resin is sprayed onto the metal registers then baked at 400°F. It produces a colored finish that is rust resistant and far more durable than paint. Besides the laser cutter, powder coat is the only other process done by machine.

Spraying Powdercoating

Reggio’s Dedication to Quality

All said, creating a register is a very personal process with customization and human care all along the way. Reggio is dedicated to ensuring high-end style, cutting-edge technology, and customization for these and other products.

"As always, customers can expect custom-level craftsmanship and customizable options like thickness and lip" says Brian Jacobsen, Director of Operations at Reggio Register. "We continue to innovate in response to emerging trends and technology that increases efficiency."

You can count on us to continue providing high-quality, on-trend products to suit your unique specifications and tastes. Take a closer look at our two new vent cover designs and order yours today.

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