Clever Ideas to Transform Your Mudroom into a Real Showpiece

One of the leading trends to emerge in interior design in recent years is the multi-purpose space, meaning a room in the house that serves several different functions.

In many homes, the classic mudroom is definitely one of those spaces, operating as an often disorganized, unstylish pass-through that houses a mishmash of backpacks, coats, shoes, and other random items. Most commonly, mudrooms serve as a transition area between the outdoors and the rest of the house, providing a place to store and contain items that may be dirty or wet.

While you may only spend a few minutes each day here, there’s no reason why your mudroom shouldn’t embrace style and function just like any other room. After all, it may very well be the first space that guests encounter – or the last space they see before they leave your home – so it’s important to make it a showpiece that’s equally trendy and functional.

With these helpful design tips, you can inject personality into a typically bland space and make your mudroom one of the most beautifully-designed areas in your home.


 Storage bench in a mudroom with hardwood floor and beige rug.

Install a Charming Storage Bench

Since most mudrooms are on the small side, it may be difficult to accommodate seating in this space. But seating is more than essential for the function of a mudroom, as you’ll need somewhere to sit when tying shoelaces, yanking on boots, or preparing to go outside. Storage benches that have cubbies, drawers, or flip-top compartments underneath are an excellent solution. Not only will this give you a place to sit or set down your bags, but it will also keep the space clutter-free and look quite charming, too.


 Blue mudroom with blue vertical striped wallpaper and french doors.

Get Creative with Bold Flooring or Wallpaper

The best part about designing a small space is that you can have fun with the patterns and colors you choose, as they won’t overwhelm you or look out of place. To give your mudroom real personality, opt for a bold flooring choice – like large black-and-white tiles or hexagon-shaped porcelain ones. You can also focus on choosing a fun wallpaper, like a paisley print or one that includes vibrant florals. If the choice feels too risky for other larger rooms in your home, then it’s perfect for the mudroom!


 Wood register in a wood floor.

Don’t Forget About the Small Details

Last but not least, giving extra special attention to the small details in your mudroom will have a major impact on the overall look and feel. Features like light fixtures, cabinet hardware, doorknobs, and even your floor registers will all communicate a specific vibe – especially when space is so limited. To make the small details really sing, choose accents that align with the greater theme of the space. For example, if your space is going for a nature-inspired rustic feel, choosing a wooden grille will give the space a handsome upgrade.


Add a Fun Message Board

Whether your household has several family members or you simply like to leave little reminders for yourself, having a message board in your mudroom will help keep everyone organized. There are so many fun ways to create a message board – from cork bulletin boards with colorful push pins to clear dry erase boards with magnetic markers. You can even apply chalkboard paint to a rectangular area of a blank wall. Just ask the kids: there’s nothing better than getting to literally write on the walls!


Display Artwork and Plants Up Top

In a mudroom, the spaces in your sight line will likely be focused on functionality, featuring things like wall hooks, cabinetry, a coat closet, or even your washer and dryer. Thus, there’s really no extra room for decorative accents – which is why turning your attention upwards is key. One idea is to build wraparound shelves a few feet beneath the ceiling. This can make for a great showcase of personal items like travel trinkets, picture frames, plants, and other decor that will give the space more character.

Focusing on the little details first? Find the perfect register pattern to go with your new mudroom design here.

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