Designer Tricks for Picking the Perfect Color Floor Register

Color is perhaps the most important element of interior design, as your color palette can make or break the ambiance and flow of a space.

In fact, there’s even a school of thought called color psychology, which is the study of how colors affect a person’s mood, productivity, and creativity. For instance, yellow is known to elicit the warmth of sunlight and evoke positivity; red raises a room’s energy and is associated with ambition or action; and blue calls to mind feelings of relaxation and calmness. 

Color is a critical component to how harmonious a room feels, and not just on the walls. In fact, the color you choose for accent or decorative features – like your floor registers – will matter to the overall cohesion of a room. 

 Lucky for you, our designers were willing to share their tips and tricks when it comes to color choice for floor registers, so you can ultimately discover which color is best for your home.


First, which colors are available? 

As you begin your search for the right color, you’ll be wise to first research which colors are on offer. After all, you don’t want to be disappointed if that shade of vibrant violet you’re hoping to use as an accent color isn’t available (although you could paint them). Here are some of the most common colors available for floor registers. 

Wood registers in different types of wood: white oak, red oak, cherry, and maple.

For wood registers

At Reggio Registers, we have a variety of wood grilles that will look terrific and seamless with carpet, hardwood floors, stone, or tile. While we can create custom wood grilles in 49 different premium and exotic woods (including Poplar, Hickory, and Bamboo), our wood registers are generally finished in four main colors: 

  • White Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Cherry
  • Maple
Metal registers in different colors: gold, silver, black, oil rubbed bronze.
 For metal registers

Also offered by our expert Reggio craftspeople are a variety of metal grilles, which provide a beautiful finishing touch to any space. Here are some of the main finishes and colors of our best-selling metal grilles: 

  • Oil-rubbed Bronze
  • Black
  • Sun Gold
  • White
  • Silver
  • Gray


Trick #1: Match the register with the largest pattern in the space

Now that you know which colors are available from Reggio Registers, you may still be wondering which one is right for your home – and we’re here to help! Our first expert tip in choosing the right color floor register is to match it with the largest pattern in the space. 

For example, perhaps you have a large coastal decorative rug that stretches across the entire room and incorporates colors of the ocean, like blue, green, and white. In this case, a white metal register would look great along the border of the space, as it will tie in perfectly with the rug.

 Richly colored room in teal and burgundy with gold register in the wall.

Trick #2: Start with the formal areas of your home

Another good rule of thumb when it comes to color choice is to focus on the palette you’ve used in the most formal rooms – such as the living room, dining room, or foyer/entryway. Is there one color that dominates the overall color scheme? 

Pull out this color and make sure the floor register you choose complements it. For example, if the focal point of your living room is a luxurious red couch, think of tones that would work well in coordination – like sun gold, oil-rubbed bronze, or cherry oak. 

 White room with wood console and blue rug with silver register in the wall.

Trick #3: Use the 60-30-10 interior decorating rule

If you’re still stuck, the final trick (that really seems to work every time!) is to apply the rule of 60-30-10. Never heard of it before? It’s simple – you divide the colors of the space into components of 60 percent of dominant color (like the walls), 30 percent of a secondary color (like the upholstery), and 10 percent of an accent color. 

The floor registers you choose will fall into the 10 percent category, as they are ultimately a decorative accent. Using this ratio ensures that the colors are all properly balanced and there’s just enough pop of visual intrigue!

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