Preserving Vintage Beauty: Embracing Dutch Charm in Redlands, California

Known for its orange orchards, Redlands, California is a city that’s brimming with historic charm, which is visible not only in the tree-lined streets and classic buildings, but in the design of its much-loved homes.

Over the years, many of the homes in Redlands have undergone significant transformations to align with modern times and tastes. Still, it is characteristic for homes in this beautiful city, which is situated near the base of the San Bernardino mountains, to maintain some of their original, vintage eccentricities in order to showcase the rich history of the region.

Exterior image of restored Dutch colonial home in California.

For the young owners, preserving the vintage beauty of their Dutch Colonial home built in 1900 became the goal as soon as they purchased the property in 2022. The house presented a unique challenge, however, because the interiors embodied a “worldly travel theme” that, to some, could appear inconsistent with its Dutch Colonial roots. Additionally, the home needed to be updated for modern family living.

Come along and see all that went into retaining the original character and subsequent design elements that have defined this historic Redlands charmer for more than 100 years. Plus see how Reggio Registers stepped in to ensure even the smallest details reflected this goal.


Entry way in Dutch colonial style with bright white and natural wood palette. 

Marrying Two Styles: A Cosmopolitan Colonial

Brett Waterman and the Restored team from Magnolia Network were determined to create a home that was up to snuff functionally yet remained authentic in its design. Mr. Waterman’s expertise as an architectural preservationist and designer was the perfect fit to realize that dream.

Having learned the home had only three owners between 1900 and 2022, it was clear that the Dutch Colonial home was a pretty special place. In fact, the second owner was involved in Hollywood’s booming movie industry and even hired a famous set designer to stylize the interiors in a cosmopolitan, exotic travel theme.

This led to the home’s interiors being embellished with a variety of murals and scenes inspired by far-off, foreign places – a characteristic that’s been carried on since that time and one the owners wanted to preserve.

Thus, Mr. Waterman and interior design partners, The Red Rooster Vintage, knew they had to strike a balance with every decision they made, ensuring the worldly interiors were in harmony with any efforts made to restore the home’s Dutch Colonial roots.

From the butler’s pantry and kitchen to the entry hall and dining room, the main goal was to modernize the home’s functionality while preserving the vintage charm – which was achieved thanks to the help of Reggio Registers’ custom creations.


Close up of arched door in Dutch Colonial kitchen. 

Working with Reggio to Craft the Perfect Vintage Registers

When it came time to update the home’s HVAC system, the Restored team turned to Reggio Registers to find the perfect solution for the kitchen’s vent – which was a major focal point on several of the walls. “We wanted to match the pattern and color of the register vent that was original to the home,” said Mr Waterman.

With the ability to customize the new vent design, Reggio was able to match an existing register vent that was made for the house at the turn of the century. “We chose multiple finishes for the fixtures that helped blend the two distinctive design elements in this house,” said Waterman.

Vintage styled living room with white walls with green and natural wood accents.

The gorgeous new registers completed the kitchen’s overall look, which utilizes a fresh, white color palette as the backdrop for other vintage design elements – like wooden refrigerator doors and antique light fixtures. The registers, which are finished in a Oil Rubbed Bronze, stand out against the white walls but in an eye-catching way that imbues a cosmopolitan charm.

All in all, this decision to marry the home’s worldly interiors and original Dutch Colonial features was brought to life perfectly by adding new registers, a subtle yet sumptuous feature for future generations to enjoy.

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