Photo Contest Winner: 20 Years of Visual Impact

Pro designer, Letitia Holloway, has been including Reggio Registers in her designs for 20 years. A fan since the days when we only offered the Scroll pattern, Holloway embraced additional patterns and has been able to expand the use of our registers to nearly all her designs.

About the Project

This Mid-Century Modern home had many prominently placed vents. It made sense to feature the Square metal grille in this foyer instead of trying to hide or blend the registers.

Carefully placed vents and art brought balance to the foyer with shape and color that didn’t shy away from what it was. In that sense, it embraced a sort of industrial vibe that brought functionality and style together in one.

Treating Registers as an Architectural Element

The Crema Marfil marble walls in this luxurious foyer had two prominent vent openings. These particular vents shared two more openings on the other side of the wall, which let in light and made the vents in the foyer even more noticeable.

There were only two ways to go: try to get the registers to blend in or let them stand out in contrast.

Letitia Holloway has used and loved Reggio Registers for a long time so it was a question with a simple answer. “I treat these registers more like a sculptural element in the room,” said Holloway. She chose to tie in to other black accents in the space and went with the black registers.

The effect is further emphasized by painting the interior of the vents black. This decreases the reflection of light inside the duct and cuts down on any visible drywall or rough wood that is meant to stay invisible inside the wall.


“Reggio Registers really dress up the room. It may cost a bit more than traditional vent covers, but the visual impact always results in an outcome that my clients are glad they invested in.” -Letitia Holloway


Holloway’s clients were cautious about their budget and wondered whether the registers were a necessity. She tells her clients to make registers, especially prominent ones, a priority. It’s something you’ll look at every day and something guests will notice. If they're going to notice, you might as well make it noteworthy.

If cost is still an issue, “I suggest using them in your main areas, such as foyers and first floor rooms where they can become a part of the decor,” said Holloway.

What Caught Our Eye

The use of high contrast in this design catches the eye right away. Too many people try to hide their registers. This design embraces what Reggio Register is all about, making the register worthy of attention.

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