Finding the Perfect Register Just Got Easier

Reggio Register is pleased to announce the launch of search filters on our website! No more digging around aimlessly until you find the right fit. Now you can find exactly what you’re looking for faster and easier.

Screenshot of the website's filter search page.

You can filter your search by product type, material, finish, shape, and thickness. You can also filter for quick ship products. Though it’s self-explanatory, a little education about your options will help you be more effective. Here’s what you need to know.


Product Type

You can narrow your search by looking for specific types of vent covers.


Registers encompass the broadest range within the category of vent covers. Registers are specifically tailored for facilitating airflow into a room. We offer registers only in cast iron in Scroll design and in one size (10.25" x 12.25"). They come with an attached damper that can be adjusted via a foot wheel and can be used on the floor or the wall.


Filtered search screen shot showing grilles.


Grilles represent the most basic form of vent covers, serving to conceal either incoming or outgoing HVAC duct openings. They lack built-in airflow mechanisms, although a louver can be incorporated for regulating airflow. Installation options include screwing them onto walls, floors, or ceilings, while some may also be placed directly over floor vents without fastening. Grilles are available for purchase with or without pre-drilled mounting holes and a lip for added convenience.


Screenshot of a filtered search for a filter vent cover.


A filter is a type of grille used in the wall or ceiling. It has a frame with a door on hinges to allow it to open and close in order to change the filter. They come equipped with a washable black hog-hair filter. If other patterns are desired you can call 800-880-3090 or email for a quote.


Screenshot of a filtered search for a baseboard vent cover.

Baseboard Vent

These long, thin vent covers tuck right up to the base of the wall and are placed into baseboards. They come with a damper, which opens and closes the vent.


Screenshot of a filtered search for high velocity outlet vent covers.

High Velocity Outlet

High-velocity systems employ flexible tubing installed within walls to circulate air throughout the house. Due to the smaller diameter of the tubing (2”) compared to traditional ductwork, airflow within high-velocity systems moves at a swifter pace. This results in faster and more efficient heating and cooling compared to conventional HVAC setups, leading to reduced energy consumption and lower costs. Please note that these do not work with the Kwik Connect System.

The vent for a high velocity system is very different from the familiar rectangular registers. They are smaller, circular in shape, and emit air with a noticeable force. These vent covers feature our signature “R” only visible when you peek inside the cover. They are available with a grille front or open front.


Reggio Register offers vent covers in various materials, including aluminum, cast iron, and steel, which you can filter for in your search. Beyond the material, you can also filter for the method used in creating the vent cover.


We offer vent covers in aluminum and iron that are made by casting. This means that melted metal is poured into a mold (usually made of sand). They have a more rustic finish that has been appreciated for decades.

Cast iron stands strong in busy areas or anywhere you need durability, giving off an authentic antique register look. Just be cautious in damp spaces—this material isn't suited for high moisture areas. Cast aluminum is lightweight and has rust-proof features. It can be used in the ceiling, floor, or wall.

Laser Cut

Our laser cut vent covers are cut from sheets of aluminum or steel are cut on our laser cutting machine. They are precise, with crisp edges and intricate patterns. All our laser cut registers are finished by hand to ensure the quality you’re used to from Reggio Register.

Laser cut aluminum is best for the wall or ceiling and is lightweight. It can be used on the floor if the opening is smaller than 6" x 14". Steel is best suited for the floor, wall, and ceiling but is not recommended for high moisture environments.


Just like using a cookie cutter to make holiday cookies, punched steel vent covers are essentially cut out but punching. They are excellent for the floor, wall, or ceiling. However, they are not recommended for high moisture environments. These do not have an underside lip on the back side so screw holes will be needed to secure them. Do not fasten into sheetrock alone. They can also be recessed so they sit flush with the floor. 

Swatches of the different finishes with the search filter from the website on the left side.


Every vent cover at Reggio Register is powder coated then finished by hand. We offer eight colors in classic metallics and neutrals. Not every pattern comes in every color, so it can be helpful to filter your search by color if you know exactly what color you want. Then you can pick your pattern from there.


We offer vent covers in two thicknesses: 1/8” and 3/16”. The thicknesses available are dependent on the material and the method by which they are made. Thicker vent covers are more suitable for the floor or wall and thinner are more suitable for the ceiling or the wall. Filtering by thickness can help you find appropriate covers based on where you need to install them.

A collage of various shaped vent covers with an overlay of the shape filter from the website.


Vent covers come in three basic shapes: square, rectangular, and round. The dimensions of these shapes vary and can even be customized. If you’re looking for a particular shape or size, it’s best to narrow your search by the shape and pattern, then look for the size you need. If you have irregular dimensions, you can custom order your vent covers to fit perfectly.

Two vent covers with the quick ship button engaged in the top left corner.

Quick Ship

By flipping the switch at the top of the filters section, you can find out which vent covers are on our Quick Ship program. The will leave our warehouse within three days of ordering and get to you fast so you can skip any delays. Be aware that lead time may be affected by customer demand.

Go on over to our products page and start narrowing down your vent covers with the use of our new filters. As always, if you need help with custom sizes or have questions, please get in touch via phone, email, or online chat.

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Finding the Perfect Register Just Got Easier
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