The 7 Biggest Trends Coming Your Way in 2023

Interior Design Trends, 2023 Edition


These seven interior design trends of 2023 represent all the best of the past, present, and future rolled into one. Whether or not you’re planning a renovation this year, take note. There’s something here for everyone, even if it’s just a simple refresh.

1. Thrifting Finds

Even the young have been developing a love for the antique over the last year or so. That will ramp up in 2023 as everyone rolls into local thrift shops for the latest find.

Watch for antiques and vintage-inspired looks to come to the forefront of design. This penchant for the old feeds right into other 2023 trends like personalizing your design and storytelling with decor. More on that in a moment.

Achieve a vintage vibe by adding historically-inspired registers to your space. Even your vent covers can add to the design with beautiful options like this.

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Black accent wall with a black register in the wall near the ceiling.

2. Dark Academia


The social media subculture dubbed "dark academia" is a sort of sexy librarian aesthetic that brings to the forefront the arts, classical Greek architecture, and all things studious. 

In interior design it appears with richer colors, more wood, and tweed patterns and textures. Traditional styling with rich colors and a structured feel define dark academia. Leather, velvet, gold metallics, tufted furniture, and lots and lots of highly grained wood are must haves.


3. Florals

The natural will work its way into design in 2023 even more than before with a leaning to larger than life floral patterns. Wallpaper and textiles in chintz-like drama will cover walls, furnishings, and patterns throughout interior design. Plants and some green in the color palette have always been a must, but the need for the natural will expand.

Natural materials will continue to show up everywhere from wicker to stone. More natural lighting will be a must. Outdoor rooms that can be used (almost) all year round will abound. Plants in every room of the house will be standard.

The color green will continue to be everywhere with blues taking their place as well. We’ve already seen it featured in 2023 color of the year announcements.


Blue chair with velvet multi-colored pillows.

4. Textures

Springing from the love of the natural, simple textures will feature big in 2023. You’ll see this cropping up in everything from lime wash on the walls to touchable textiles, and plastered walls.

Visual textures will be a big player in 2023. These produce the look of texture without actually having texture or having very understated texture. Lime wash on wood produces a weathered patina that lends visual texture and movement. It's been around for a long time and is making a big comeback in 2023.

Another way to create understated texture is with patterns. You can create the look of texture with the right patterns. Employ intricate patterns on your vent covers. Add a rug with color variegation to mimic texture. Patterns are like texture for your eyes.

5. Practicality

In the last couple of years, the definition of home has changed. We spent more time there and used our homes for far more than a place to rest our heads. This shift had a significant impact on interior design.

The need for multi-purpose spaces and functionality is a must in 2023. With more people than ever working from home, most designs need dedicated offices or spaces that can switch from business to pleasure easily. Versatility is the name of the game for design in 2023.


Geometric wall paper behind a bed.

6. Warm Colors

The colors and patterns of 2023 will lean to the warm and bold. Patterns will continue to feature geometrics and florals with brighter pops of color. And red and warm pinks will show up in force. 

Pantone, and several top paint companies chose their colors of the year in the red tones from magenta to raspberry. Other trending colors include warm, cozy colors like terra cotta, blush, and coral.

Timeless classics like white, gray, and beige are getting warmer in 2023 also. Greige, a blend of gray and beige, warms up spaces with a neutral that makes a perfect foundation for any space. White can be warmed up with a touch of pink, violet, or even sage.




7. Personality

The need to make a design one’s own will continue to grow into 2023 and even expand into a storytelling type style. Can your interior design communicate who you are? Can it tell a story about your life? You bet. That’s the kind of design that will reign supreme in 2023.

Add items from a personal collection to your decor. Include things from your personal travels. Create vignettes that are conversation starters. Find a way to make your home uniquely yours, one of a kind.

Cash in on some of 2023’s biggest interior design trends by making some simple tweaks in your home. Or, go big and let these concepts guide your full renovation.

Want more ideas to give your design a refresh? Read on.

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