Of the Moment: Contemporary Design and Vent Covers

he definition of contemporary is something that belongs to the present. That can make contemporary design hard to pin down as trends come, go, and evolve. The idea of contemporary was first conceived in the 1970s so it does have some very specific parameters despite its broad definition.

What Is Contemporary Design?

Contemporary design is a style that reflects current trends and influences in architecture, interior design, and furniture. It often emphasizes clean lines, open spaces, and a minimalistic approach as opposed to more vintage designs that embrace maximalism, boldness, and enclosed spaces.

Key elements of contemporary design include the use of neutral color palettes, natural materials like wood and metal, and innovative textures.

Furniture and decor often feature sleek, geometric shapes and functional designs. Lighting is crucial, often incorporating natural light or statement fixtures. Overall, contemporary design aims for a balanced, uncluttered aesthetic that combines comfort with modern elegance.

Contemporary design encompasses several subcategories, each with its own unique characteristics. Here are a few.


Minimalist design elements in a mood board.


Minimalist: Focuses on simplicity, with clean lines, neutral colors, and functional furniture. Clutter is minimized, emphasizing open spaces and natural light.


Industrial design elements in a mood board.


Industrial: Features raw, unfinished elements like exposed brick, metal, and wood. It often incorporates factory-inspired aesthetics and utilitarian objects.


Scandinavian design elements in a mood board.


Scandinavian: Combines minimalism with warmth, using natural materials, light colors, and cozy textiles. Emphasis is on functionality and simplicity.


Mid century modern design elements in a mood board.


Mid-Century Modern: Highlights sleek lines, organic shapes, and functional design. It often uses a mix of traditional and non-traditional materials.


Eclectic style design elements in a mood board.


Eclectic: Blends different styles and periods, combining old and new elements. It creates a unique, personalized space that is visually stimulating and balanced.

These subcategories allow for a diverse range of contemporary design expressions, each catering to different tastes and preferences.


Going Contemporary with Vent Covers

In the past, vent covers have been on one of two extremes. On one side, they can be virtually design-less and purely functional. On the other, they are vintage-y, ornate, and historic. Reggio Register has long been known for these vintage-looking vent covers. Architects and designers rely upon them for historic renovations.

But that’s not all Reggio can do. Consider the contemporary and see how Reggio can bring interior design into the contemporary.



Clean and symmetrical, geometric patterns are eternally of-the-moment. The add detail that doesn’t weigh down the design. An excellent choice for eclectic or mid-century modern styles.

Three examples of geometric vent covers.

Trending Patterns

All angles and hexagons, these patterns have been trending for many years and won’t soon go out of fashion. Super clean but still interesting, these patterns are excellent for minimalist and Scandinavian styles.

Examples of trending patterns in vent covers.



More than simple lines, these vent covers introduce functional to flair. Simplicity is the foundation, but understated details make these a great choice for industrial and minimalist styles.

Three examples of vent covers with linear patterns.

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